North Alabama Ballroom Dance Chapter of USA Dance

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The Venue for our Monthly Social Dance is now being rotated among area dance studios. Please check your email or this website for each month's dance venue!!

Home Membership Membership Benefits



  • Promotes and sponsors amateur ballroom dancing for recreational dancers and competitors.
  • Extends a special welcome to beginner dancers and helps them get started.
  • Establishes chapters to provide focal points for local amateur dancing and to create recreational ball- room dance opportunities in communities all over the United States.
  • Organizes and supports DanceSport and recreational ballroom dance programs in colleges, high schools, middle schools, and primary schools.
  • Organizes and promotes educational programs about the healthful benefits of ballroom dancing.
  • Publishes the National American Dancer Magazine six times a year, and most chapters publish local Newsletters to both inform and stimulate USA Dance members.
  • Formulates, publishes and enforces standards and rules for amateur DanceSport Athletes and for conducting amateur DanceSport events.
  • Organizes national, regional, and local DanceSport Championships and competitions.
  • Selects Amateur DanceSport Athletes to represent the United States in the annual World Amateur DanceSport Championships.
  • Provides liaison with other amateur and professional bodies to further ballroom dancing.


Members of USA Dance, Inc. are grouped into chapters, the basic membership units of the organization. Chapters are, in turn, grouped into six geographic regions. Each region has two representatives on the National Governing Council.

Additional communication between chapters and their members is provided by American Dancer, USA Dance's bimonthly magazine.


  • Attend our fabulous, but affordable, chapter social dances. They include dance lessons, and lots of social dancing, as well as line dances, mixers, dance demonstrations and other fun activities.
  • Membership is open to singles, as well as couples.
  • Beginners are welcome and will be helped to get started.
  • Female members of USA Dance are admitted to the May Social Dance FREE, and male members are admitted to the June Social Dance FREE!
  • Affordable group coaching sessions.
  • Receive significant discounts on purchases from "Friends of USA Dance" vendors.
  • Access to information about dancing and dancers all over the world.
  • Registration to dance in local, regional, and international competitions, including team and formation contests.
  • Belong to the only amateur dance organization, in the USA, recognized by the World Dance Sport Federation (WDSF) and the United States Olympic Committee.
  • The opportunity to help others by involvement in our outreach programs, which bring the physical, mental and social benefits of ballroom dancing to 'the aged, the young, the handicapped, and to the general public.
  • Free subscription to American Dancer, USA Dance's bimonthly news magazine.
  • Free Dancemart Classified advertising! in American Dancer.
  • Tax-deductible contributions.
  • And much, much more!


Are those for whom ballroom dancing is strictly an avocation and recreational activity, and/or competitive sport ... and who, neither seek nor receive personal material gain from their dancing. Specific rules and guide-lines relating to amateur status shall be as periodically established by the USA Dance, Inc. Governing Council.



  • Ballroom Dancer: A keen dancer and supporter of DanceSport who does not compete but strives to dance at proficiency levels similar to those who do. This may include retired DanceSport Athletes.
  • Social Dancer: An amateur dancer who does not compete but who enjoys dancing and appreciates the physical, mental, and social benefits of engaging in a regular program of dancing. 

USA DANCESPORT* ATHLETE - Amateur dancers who participate in DanceSport competitions

  • Championship DanceSport Athlete: An adult DanceSport competitor who is only eligible to compete at the championship level in a particular style and age group. 
  • DanceSport Athlete: Adult DanceSport competitor. 
  • Student DanceSport Athlete: Dancer below the age of 35 who is enrolled in school full time. 
  • Junior Dancesport Athlete: Below the age of 19. 


  • Manager: An individual (other than a DanceSport professional) who is engaged in the support of DanceSport activities or Amateur Athletes. 
  • Trainer: An individual (other than a DanceSport professional) who is engaged in the physical or mental training of amateur DanceSport Athletes. 
  • Official: An individual (other than a DanceSport professional) who is eligible to officiate at amateur DanceSport competitions (i.e. judge, scrutineer, MC, music director). 
  • Associate Member: Individual not eligible or desirous of membership in any other category who wishes to support the aims and objectives of USA Dance, Inc.